Why is a Layer 2 service interrupted for five minutes sometimes


The default interval for aging switch MAC addresses is five minutes. Check whether the aging of MAC addresses makes response packet traffic be forwarded to incorrect ports, interrupting services.

In addition, check whether the traffic is forwarded through different boards, and whether MAC entries must be synchronized between boards to perform Layer 2 forwarding. Check whether services are impacted when MAC entries are not synchronized.

Run the display mac-address aging-time command to query the MAC address aging time.

Other related questions:
Why is the CAR or GTS sometimes incorrect
The committed access rate (CAR) or generic traffic shaping (GTS) is set by the AR main control board or interface board based on traffic volume. If the CAR or GTS is set by the interface board, the accuracy depends on the granularity of the rate limit. Within a specified granularity range, all CAR or GTS values are correct. In addition, different bearer links may trigger the protocol encapsulation correction.

Why doesn't the Layer 2 ACL on AR1220 series take effect sometimes
On AR1200 series, the Layer 2 ACL does not apply to the Layer 2 traffic between the eight fixed LAN interfaces.

Why is service (such as voice) interrupted after being configured with NAT or firewall
The aging time of session table is shorter than the aging time of the service. The session table is aged out, while the service is not. The service packets sent after session table aging are discarded, so the service is interrupted. Run the firewall-nat session aging-time command to increase the TCP/UDP timeout interval.

Why are services interrupted after the original active firewall preempts
Services are normal after the active/standby switchover, but services are interrupted after the active firewall preempts. The possible cause is that the network has not converged or sessions are not completely backed up. Besides, if a switch fails, its interfaces may go up and down repeatedly when the switch restarts. If the firewall preempts during the process, services may be interrupted. In this case, adjust the preemption delay of the original active firewall.

Whether the router port always exists during checking of Layer 2 multicast entries on an S series switch
During entry generation, the router port is added. You can run the display l2-multicast forwarding-table command to check the router port. The display igmp-snooping port-info command checks member port information.

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