How many devices can the STP network support


The recommended value of STP network radius is 7 and the maximum value is 20. The STP network supports a maximum of hundreds of switches.

However, as the number of Layer 2 network devices increases, the bandwidth usage decreases and the network maintainability becomes poorer.

When there is a large number of network devices, you are advised to design a hierarchical network structure to properly partition the STP network into logical regions and hierarchies for better maintainability and manageability.

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Can a Huawei STP switch work with a non-Huawei STP device
Huawei switches use the standard STP protocol. Whether a switch can work with a non-Huawei STP device depends on the protocol running on the non-Huawei device: If the non-Huawei device runs a standard STP protocol, including STP, MSTP, and RSTP, the Huawei switch can work with it. If the non-Huawei device runs a non-standard STP protocol, except for the Cisco Per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST) protocol, the Huawei switch can transparently transmit the STP packets from the device after you run the stp disable and bpdu enable commands on the interface connected to the non-Huawei device. If the non-Huawei device is a Cisco device that runs PVST, the switch cannot negotiate with the device, but can transparently transmit the packets from the device.

How many devices can Tecal Nagios support?
The Nagios can manage up to 1000 devices

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