How does a switch advertise the voice VLAN of a port to IP phones


After voice VLAN is configured on a switch interface, configure the switch to advertise the voice VLAN and priority of voice traffic to IP phones in one of the following ways:
Enable the DHCP function for the switch and set Option 184 in the DHCP protocol to perform the advertising.
Enable the LLDP function for the switch to periodically send packets containing the MED parameter to perform the advertising.
Connect the switch to IP phones of some venders and configure the switch to send HDP packets in compatible mode.
You can run the voice-vlan legacy enable command to configure the compatible mode for the voice VLAN.

Other related questions:
What is the voice VLAN
A voice VLAN refers to a VLAN used to transmit voice data flows. You can create a voice VLAN and add the interface connected to a voice device to the voice VLAN. Then voice data flows can be transmitted on the voice VLAN, ensuring the voice data transmission quality.

What is a voice VLAN of an AR router
A voice VLAN is divided for user voice data flow. By creating such a voice VLAN and adding the interface that connects to a voice device to the voice VLAN, voice data flow can be transmitted on the voice VLAN to ensure transmission quality.

How do I configure my IP phone to forward calls to the voice mailbox
eSpace 7900 series: On the home screen, choose Apps > Preferences > Call Settings > Call Forward. Select a forwarding mode and press Select. Select Voicemail. eSpace 8850: On the home screen, choose Settings > Call Service > Call Forwarding. Select a forwarding mode. Select Voicemail.

When the eSpace 7900 series or 8950 IP phone is connected to the PC in series, how to configure different VLANs for the phone and PC?
The IP phone and PC can be in different VLANs, but in the scenario where the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is used, the IP phone and PC cannot be allocated in different VLANs.

What is the media port range of an IP phone
The media port range is 1024-65535, but the default range is 10000-10010.

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