Traffic exceeds the threshold


The AR does not support query of excess traffic.

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What can I do if I receive an alarm indicating that the traffic rate exceeds the alarm threshold of a CE series switch
If you receive an alarm indicating that the traffic rate exceeds the alarm threshold of a CE series switch, perform the following steps to rectify the problem: Determine the interface on which the traffic rate exceeds the alarm threshold: 1. In V100R002, an alarm indicating that the bandwidth exceeds the threshold does not display the interface name. The interface name is contained in EntityPhysicalIndex. Contact Huawei technical engineers to know the interface that generates the alarm. 2. In V100R003 and later versions, InterfaceName in an alarm message indicates the interface name. Solution: Run the display interface brief command and view the bandwidth usage of incoming and outgoing traffic on the interface in the last 300 seconds in the InUti/OutUti field. Perform the following operations based on actual situations: 1. If burst traffic exceeds the upper alarm threshold instantly and does not affect services, you are advised to run the trap-threshold { input-rate | outpu-rate } bandwidth-in-use [ resume-rate resume-threshold ] command in the interface view to increase the upper alarm threshold. 2. If the traffic rate on an interface remains high for a long time, you are advised to expand the link bandwidth. Determine the link bandwidth based on the traffic volume on your network to ensure that the bandwidth can be fully used and packet loss will not occur. 3. If you consider that the alarm severity is too high and want to mask this alarm, run the undo snmp-agent trap enable feature-name devm [ trap-name trap-name ] command in the system view to mask this type of alarms on all interfaces. After the alarms are masked, the switch will still record alarm messages, but does not display them.

In FusionInsight,What is the impact on system of ALM-12016 CPU Usage Exceeds the Threshold
Service processes respond slowly or become unavailable.

In FusionInsight,how to resolve the alarm ALM-12016 CPU Usage Exceeds the Threshold?

In FusionInsight,how to resolve the alarm ALM-12018 Memory Usage Exceeds the Threshold?
Expand the system. 1.In the alarm list on FusionInsight Manager, locate the row that contains the alarm, and view the alarm host address in the alarm details. 2.Use PuTTY to log in to the host where the alarm is generated as user root. 3.Run the command free -m | grep Mem\: | awk '{printf("%s,", ($3-$6-$7) * 100 / $2)}' to check the system memory usage. 4.If the memory usage exceeds the threshold, perform memory capacity expansion. For details, see the FusionInsight HD Capacity Adjustment Guide. 5.Wait for 5 minutes, check whether the alarm is cleared. If yes, no further action is required. If no, go to Step 6.

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