Which packets can be counted on a VLANIF interface


Only the packets sent to the CPU can be counted on a VLANIF interface.

Multicast, unicast, and broadcast packets forwarded by using the chip are not counted on a VLANIF interface.

V100R005 and later versions support packet statistics on VLANIF interfaces.

By default, the packet statistics function in a VLAN is disabled. To enable the packet statistics function for the VLAN and VLANIF interface, run the statistic enable command in the corresponding VLAN view.

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Does VLANIF interfaces of the AR router support the PPPoE client
The PPPoE client cannot be configured on a VLANIF interface, but the PPPoE server can be configured on the VLANIF interface.

Does a VLANIF interface on an S series switch support packet filtering configured using the traffic-policy command
You cannot run the traffic-filter command to configure packet filtering on a VLANIF interface of S series switches (except the S1700). You can run the traffic-filter command in the following interface views: - Ethernet interface view, such as the GE interface view and the XGE interface view. The specific Ethernet interface view is determined by the switch and card models. - Logical interface view, including the Eth-Trunk interface view and the port group view, but not including the VLANIF interface view.

Why are a large number of packets discarded on an inbound interface of an S series modular switch
S9300 series switches running V100R001 and V100R002 send protocol packets to the CPU for processing and discard the packets at the hardware layer. The number of these discarded protocol packets is counted on inbound interfaces, which does not comply with RFC 2863. For switches running V100R002, patches in V100R002SPH009 and later versions can be installed to fix this problem. According to RFC 2863 and industry norms, only packets discarded due to buffer overflows is counted as discarded packets.

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