What to do if the limit on MAC address learning does not take effect


Check whether the mac-limit command has been used. The command sets the maximum number of MAC addresses learned by the switch.

If the limit is set to 0 on an S2700, the S2700(excluding S2700�?2P-EI, S2700�?2P-PWR-EI, S2720 and S2750) does not learn MAC addresses. If the limit is set to 0 on other switch models, the number of learned MAC addresses is not limited.

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Rate limiting based on IP addresses does not take effect on an AR
Verify that the interface to which rate limiting is applied is the router's interface connecting to intranet users or the interface does not have NAT configured. If the interface has NAT configured, ensure that it can match source and destination IP addresses correctly. For the intranet, inbound and outbound in the command indicate the source and destination IP addresses respectively.

Why does the CPCAR rate limit configuration not take effect
The CPU committed access rate (CPCAR) is configured in the attack defense policy view. The CPCAR takes effect only when the attack defense policy is applied on the main control board or interface board on the local area network (LAN) side.

Why the MAC-VLAN does not take effect
MAC address-based VLANs take effect only to untagged packets. If an MAC address-based VLAN does not take effect, check whether the incoming packets contain VLAN tags.

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