Which VLAN does the interface enabled with VLAN mapping or QinQ obtain through MAC address learning


The VLAN mapping or QinQ implementation is prior to the MAC address learning. Thus, after the VLAN mapping or QinQ implementation, the interface obtains the outer VLAN through MAC address learning.

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Which vlan will be based on to leran MAC when we confgured vlan-mapping ?
The Switch will learn MAC address based on the Vlan ID after Mapping. Because vlan mapping processing is befroe MAC learnning.

How does an interface enabled with VLAN mapping process a packet without a C-VLAN tag
If the VLAN ID of the packet is within the range of C-VLANs, the VLAN tag is replaced according to the configuration. If the VLAN ID of the packet is out of the range of C-VLAN IDs or the packet does not carry any tag, the packet is processed as follows: If qinq vlan-translation miss-drop is used, the packet is discarded directly. If the qinq vlan-translation miss-drop command is not used on the interface but the default VLAN ID is used, packets are tagged with the default VLAN ID before being forwarded. NOTE: When an interface configured with VLAN mapping received a packet with the C-VLAN ID out of the specified range, the interface transparently transmits the packet through the normal forwarding version if the interface is added to the VLAN of the packet.

Does the S6700 on which vlan-mapping and vlan-stacking are configured support remark 8021p
The S6700 does not support remark 8021p.

Can an interface on an S series switch learn the MAC address entries in a VLAN if the interface is not added to the VLAN
For S series switches (except the S1700), if an interface is not added to a VLAN, the interface does not learn the MAC address entries in the VLAN.

Why Is one MAC address learned in multiple VLANs on S series switch
On S series switches (except S1700), MAC addresses are learned based on MAC addresses+VLANs. If multiple VLANs receive packets with the same MAC address, these VLANs will learn the same MAC address.

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