Does the switch support QinQ


The S2700EI supports only basic QinQ configured using the port link-type dot1q-tunnel command, and does not support selective QinQ configured using the port vlan-stacking vlan command.
The S2700SI does not support basic QinQ or selective QinQ.
Other models support both basic QinQ and selective QinQ.

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Does an AR router support QinQ
The following AR series routers support QinQ: AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200&AR500 AR120-S&AR150-S&AR160-S&AR200-S Create a sub-interface on the CE interface of the device, and run the qinq termination pe-vid ce-vid command to configure the two-tag packet termination feature on the sub-interface.

Does the S series switch used as the DHCP relay agent support QinQ
On an S series switch excluding the S1700, the DHCP relay function can be configured on QinQ termination sub-interfaces.

Whether CE switches support selective QinQ
All models of CE switches support selective QinQ since V100R003C00.

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