ERPS switching time of S series switches


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Do S series switches support ERPS sub-rings
S series switches in V200R003 and later versions support the sub-ring function. Earlier versions do not support this function.

On S series switches, can the ERPS function be configured on an Eth-Trunk
On S series switches, the ERPS function can be configured on an Eth-Trunk.

Do S series switches support ERPS
S series switches (excluding the S1700) support the ERPS function. All versions and models of modular switches support the ERPS function. For the ERPS function supported by fixed switches, see the precautions of ERPS in the Ethernet Switching in Functions of suppress-time on S series switches
For an S series switch, to protect an upstream Layer 3 device from attacks and reduce the loads on the Layer 3 device, a Layer 2 device can suppress repeated IGMP Report and IGMP Leave messages sent from users in a VLAN. The message suppression mechanism is as follows: - After receiving and forwarding an IGMP Report/Leave message, the Layer 2 device does not forward repeated MLD Report messages to the router port within the suppression time. - If the Layer 2 device receives an IGMP General Query message or Multicast-Address-Specific message within the suppression time, it does not suppress the first IGMP Report message sent in response to the General Query message. In addition, the Layer 2 device resets the suppression timer when receiving the first IGMP Report message. suppress-time is used to set the suppression time of Report/Leave messages. By default, the suppression time for IGMP Report/Leave messages is 10s. If the suppression time is set to 0, Report/Leave messages are not discarded. The suppression function applies only to IGMPv1 and IGMPv2 Report/Leave messages and is invalid for IGMPv3 Report/Leave messages.

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