Why the switch is restarted over and over again?


For more information, please click S Series Switches Maintenance Topic

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Why traffic cannot be transmitted at wire speed over a GRE tunnel
When a packet is forwarded through a tunnel, a label is added to the packet at the tunnel egress. That is, the packet length is increased. The GRE tunnel adds 24 or 32 bytes to the original packet, and the length of a label is 4 bytes on the VPN tunnel. In this case, the total traffic exceeds the wire speed. Packets are discarded during forwarding.

Switching over the E9000 switching plane
For details about how to switch over the switching module, see "Logging In to the CLI of Each Switching Plane" in the user guide of the switch module. For example, if the switch module is CX911, click Link.

Remote KVM connection of the E9000
The E9000 supports the remote connection to the virtual KVM of each compute node through the WebUI of the MM910. For details, visit the following link: http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/pages/DOC1000053358YEF0907R/08/DOC1000053358YEF0907R/08/resources/en/osca/smma_help_r2/it_osca_smma_900001.html

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