Why auto-negotiation cannot be configured after a 100M optical module is installed and then removed from a 100M/1000M optical interface on the S5700


On S5700 switches in versions earlier than V200R001, the default rate of 100M/1000M optical interfaces is 1000 Mbit/s. After a 100M optical module is installed on an optical interface, the optical interface automatically changes the rate to 100 Mbit/s. After the optical module is removed, the optical interface retains the 100 Mbit/s rate. When the rate of an optical interface is 100 Mbit/s, the interface does not support auto-negotiation. The auto-negotiation function cannot be configured. You can run the speed 1000 command or install a 1000M optical module to restore the interface rate to 1000 Mbit/s.

On S5700 switches in V200R001 and later versions, the interface rate of a 100M/1000M optical interface restores the default rate 1000 Mbit/s after the optical module is removed.

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