Do S series switches support delivering specified IP addresses to PPPoE users


S series switches do not support delivering fixed IP addresses to PPPoE users. However, when an S series switch functions as a PPPoE server, the switch can deliver fixed IP addresses to PPPoE users through the Frame-IP attribute of a RADIUS server.

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PPPoE support on S series switch
PPPoE connects a user to the network through PPP dial-up. PPPoE support of S series switches: - None of the fixed switch versions supports PPPoE. - Modular switches do not support PPPoE when running a version earlier than V200R005. S7700, S9700, and S12700 series modular switches support PPPoE when running V200R005 or a later version. They can only function as the PPPoE server.

Do S series switches support allocation of IP addresses based on secondary IP addresses
All switch models of S series switches excluding the S1700 allocate IP addresses based on the primary IP address regardless of whether the interface or global address pool is used. They do not support allocation of IP addresses based on secondary IP addresses. That is, users cannot obtain IP addresses on the same network segment as the secondary IP address.

Whether S series switches support IPSG
All S series switches except the following support IPSG: S1700 switches S2700-SI switches W series cards of S7700, S9700, and S1270 switches S9300 of earlier versions than V100R002 For switches that do not support IPSG, you can run the mac-address static vlan command to configure static MAC addresses and run the mac-address learning disable command to disable MAC address learning on interfaces to realize a function similar to IPSG.

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