PPPoE configuration on S series switch


PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) provides point-to-point connections over the Ethernet, so that multiple hosts can be connected to the Internet through the same access device and users can implement access control and accounting for these hosts.
For the detailed PPPoE configuration, see Example for Configuring the Device as a PPPoE Server to Allow PPPoE Users on Campus Network to Access the Internet in the S7700&S9700&S12700 Series Switches Product Documentation.

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PPPoE support on S series switch
PPPoE connects a user to the network through PPP dial-up. PPPoE support of S series switches: - None of the fixed switch versions supports PPPoE. - Modular switches do not support PPPoE when running a version earlier than V200R005. S7700, S9700, and S12700 series modular switches support PPPoE when running V200R005 or a later version. They can only function as the PPPoE server.

SNMP configuration on S series switch
S series switches (except S1700 switches) support three SNMP versions: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c use community names for authentication, resulting in low security, whereas SNMPv3 uses authentication and encryption technologies to enhance security. The following uses SNMPv2c configuration as an example: [HUAWEI] snmp-agent //Enable SNMP. [HUAWEI] snmp-agent sys-info version v2c //Set the SNMP version to SNMPv2c. [HUAWEI] snmp-agent community write adminnms01 //Set the SNMP write community name. For common SNMP configuration information, see "Common SNMP Operations" in S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700&S7700&S9700 Series Switches Common Operation Guide. For typical SNMP configuration examples, see "Typical SNMP Configuration" in "Typical Network Management and Monitoring Configuration" of S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700&S7700&S9700 Typical Configuration Examples. Common configuration and typical configuration examples for S9300 and S12700 series switches are the same as those for Sx700 series switches. The Sx700 series switches are used as an example here.

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