S series switches upload large package but the space is not enough


For the S-series box switch, if the memory card space size is only allowed to have a large package at the same time, when uploading a new large package suggested that the lack of space, you can enter the diagnostic view, run command undo startup system-software to undo starting file of the current system, and then delete it in the user view by the delete command.
However, you must first set the new large package which you just upload as booting system file, and then restart the device. Otherwise, the device will not be able to restart.

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How to upload files using the BootROM of S series switches
On S series switches (except S1700 switches), the BootROM allows you to establish connections between the device and other devices or PCs to implement fast transfer of the system software, configuration files, and patch files. Files can be transmitted through serial and Ethernet interfaces. You need to modify the transmission rate during the file transfer using the serial interface. This transmission mode is simple to configure, but has a low transmission rate. File transfer using the Ethernet interface is mainly described here, and the configuration process is as follows: 1. On the BootROM main menu, select Enter ethernet submenu to enter the Ethernet submenu. 2. In the Ethernet submenu, select Modify ethernet interface boot parameter to enter the menu for setting Ethernet parameters. BOOTLINE SUBMENU 1. Set TFTP protocol parameters 2. Set FTP protocol parameters 3. Return to ethernet menu Enter your choice(1-3): 3. Select the file transfer mode as required. The following takes FTP parameter settings as an example: BOOTLINE SUBMENU 1. Set TFTP protocol parameters 2. Set FTP protocol parameters 3. Return to ethernet menu Enter your choice(1-3): 2 '.' = clear field; '-' = go to previous field; ^D = quit Load File name : devicesoftware.cc //Enter the name of the file to be uploaded. Switch IP address : //Enter the management IP address of the device, and ensure that the management IP address is on the same network segment as the IP address of the FTP server. Server IP address : //Enter the IP address of the FTP server. FTP User Name : huawei //Enter the user name for logging in to the FTP server. FTP User Password : //Enter the password in cipher text for logging in to the FTP server. After the configuration is complete, the device automatically displays the Ethernet parameter setting menu. 4. Select Return to ethernet menu to return to the Ethernet submenu. 5. In the Ethernet submenu, you can select Download file to Flash through ethernet interface to download files in the FTP server, or select Upload Configuration file to Ftp through ethernet interface to upload the configuration file to the FTP server. The setting for the TFTP server is similar to that for the FTP server, but you do not need to configure the user name and password. Note that the interface of the BootROM menu differs slightly on different devices. Perform configurations according to the actual displayed information on the device. More information about how to upload files through BootROM is as follows:

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