Why are executed commands recorded in log files but cannot be displayed by the display logbuffer command


Information in the log buffer differs from information in log files because they use different channels of the information center. Log files record more information than the log buffer. The log buffer has a higher information level and records more important than log files. As logs have a lower information level, they are not saved in the log buffer.

You can use the following command to set a lower level for the logs sent to the log buffer:
[HUAWEI] info-center source SHELL channel logbuffer log level informationalRun some commands and use the display logbuffer command to check the logs in the log buffer. These commands will be displayed.

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Relationship between user permissions and command levels on AR routers
The system grants different users access permissions and different command levels so that the AR router can limit the access permissions and operations of users. User levels correspond to command levels. Users can use only the commands at the same or lower level than their own levels. By default, there are four command levels 0 to 3 and 16 user levels 0 to 15. The table shows the relationship between command levels and user levels.

How can command operation logs be displayed in the log buffer of an AR
By default, only warning logs are displayed in the log buffer. Command operation logs are at the notifications level, which is lower than warning. Therefore, command operation logs will not be displayed in the log buffer. To view command line operation logs in the log buffer, perform the following operations: 1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view. 2. Run the info-center source default channel logbuffer log level notifications command to allow logs of the notifications level to be displayed in the log buffer.

Why cannot fan information be displayed in the display device command output and why is the ALM indicator of AC power yellow when the S7700&S9700's fan is operating
The monitoring unit (MCU or CMU) fails to communicate with the fan or AC power supply. NOTE: If you need to buy the CMU, contact Huawei local office.

How to configure the switch to record executed commands in logs
To enable the switches to record the executed commands in logs, run the following command in the system view: info-center source SHELL channel logbuffer log level debugging state on You can run the display logbuffer command to view commands executed after the switch starts.

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