How to change the device's slot number


The slot number may change when the device belongs to a stack or the device upgrade fails. You can use the following methods to change the slot number to 0 (default value). Then restart the device to make the resetting take effect.

In stack card connection mode, run the undo stack enable command in the system view to disable the stack function.
In service port connection mode, run the undo stack enable command in the diagnosis view to disable the stack function.
Run the stack unit-id 2 renumber 0 command in the system view to specify the slot number again.

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Change the SSID on WLAN devices
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How can I change the number of Containers?
The number of WebContainer instances on each node is determined by hardware resources, specifically CPUs and memory. At least one instance and a maximum of 32 instances can be installed on each node. The number cannot be manually changed.

How to configure number change
For details, see Configuration > Configuration Guide > Configuring Trunks > Configuring Prefixes in the U1900 product documentation .

How to configure the number change based on the number length
Please refer to the document: ; Configuration > Configuration Guide > Advanced Configuration > Setting Number Conversion Mode > Configuring the Number Change Based on the Number Length

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