Are the cards of S5700 hot swappable


Interface cards on the S5700 series except for the S5700EI and S5700SI are hot swappable.

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Are cards of S series switches hot swappable
Most of the cards of modular switches are hot swappable, and only the following cards are not: - S9300: subcards of LE0MFSUA, LE0D0VSTSA00, and LE0D0WMNPA00 - S7700: ES0D00FSUA00, ES02VSTSA, and LE0D0VSTSA00 - S9700: subcards of EH1D2VS08000 and EH1D2WM00000You can use Hardware Query Tool to query whether a card is hot swappable.

Are cards of S series fixed switches hot swappable
Subcards on S5700-SI and S5700-EI fixed switches are not hot swappable. Subcards on S3700-HI, S5700-HI, S5710-EI, S5720-EI, S5710-HI, S5720-HI, and S6720-EI switches are hot swappable. You can click Hardware Query Tool to check whether a subcard is hot swappable or not.

Is the CF card hot swappable
The CF cards are not hot swappable.

Is cluster card or cable of S series switch hot swappable
On an S series modular switch, the ES02VSTSA (S7700), LE0D0VSTSA00 (S9300), and EH1D2VS08000 (S9700) boards are not hot swappable, and the EH1D2VS08000 (S12700) is hot swappable. Cluster cables are hot swappable, but hot swapping of the cluster cables will degrade cluster bandwidth.

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