How to view the electronic labels


You can use commands to view the electronic labels.

To view the part number and production date, run the display elabel command.

[Board Properties]
Description=S3752P-EI-48S, S3752P-EI-48S Mainframe(48 100 BASE-X ports and 2 100/1000 BASE-X ports and 2 SFP GE (1000 BASE-X) ports (SFP Req.) and DC -48V)

BarCode: electronic label
Manufactured: production date
BOM: part number

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Method of querying electronic labels on an AR router
The electronic labels of an AR router are used to identify hardware information of the router, including component barcode, production date, and BOM code. Run the display elabel command to obtain the information.

Displaying the e-label on the firewall
Perform as follows to view the e-label on the firewall: display elabel Syntax display elabel [ slot-id ] Parameter description slot-id specifies the ID of the slot where the board is inserted. Example Display the e-label of the board in slot 0. display elabel 0

How to view the electronic label of an S series switch
For an S series switch, the electronic label identifies its hardware information, including the serial number, manufacturing date, device model, and hardware description. You can check electronic labels to obtain SNs before returning hardware for repair or to obtain hardware information such as the hardware manufacturing date. The commands for querying electronic labels vary for S series modular and fixed switches. For details, see the right side of the page.
The command output is as follows:
[HUAWEI] display elabel
[Board Properties]
BoardType=S5720-56C-HI-AC //Model of the specified component
BarCode=21023585981234567890 //Barcode of the specified component
Item=02358598 //Part number of the specified component
Description=S5720-56C-HI-AC Mainframe (24/48 10/100/1000 Base-T, 4 100/1000 BASE-X), AC110/220V) //Description of the specified component
Manufactured=2014-04-16 //Manufacturing date of the specified component
VendorName=Huawei //Vendor name of the specified component
IssueNumber= //Issue number of the specified component
CLEICode= //CLEI code of the specified component
BOM= //Sales part number of the specified component

How to view the electronic label of a CE series switch
Run the display device elabel command to view the device electronic label.
<HUAWEI> display device elabel
The command is being executed. Please wait...

/$[ArchivesInfo Version]

[Board Properties]
... ...

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