Can I view the optical module types of switch and the receiving and transmitting power of the optical modules


You can use commands to view the information.

To view the type of an optical module inserted into an optical interface, run the display interface interface-type interface-number command.

To view the receiving and transmitting power on all interfaces, run the display transceiver diagnosis interface command.
To view the receiving and transmitting power on an interface, run the display transceiver diagnosis interface interface-type interface-number command.
For example:

The display transceiver diagnosis interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/1 command displays the following information:

Port GigabitEthernet0/0/1 transceiver diagnostic information:
Parameter Current Low Alarm High Alarm
Type Value Threshold Threshold Status
------------- --------- --------- ---------- --------
TxPower(dBm) -4.83 -11.02 -2.00 normal
RxPower(dBm) NA -18.01 -1.00 NA
Current(mA) 6.38 2.00 14.00 normal
Temp.(C) 44.00 -20.00 90.00 normal
Voltage(V) 3.31 2.90 3.70 normal

Other related questions:
Method of querying optical module information on an AR router
Run the display transceiver command on an AR router to query basic information of optical modules, including module type, production SN, and manufacturer. Run the display transceiver verbose command to query detailed information of optical modules, including receive and transmit power of optical modules.

How to view the type of an optical module
If the optical module has been inserted into an interface, you can run the display transceiver interface command to view the type of the optical module. display transceiver xgigabitethernet 2/0/0 XGigabitEthernet2/0/0 transceiver information: ------------------------------------------------------------- Common information: Transceiver Type :XFP-STM64-LX-SM1310 Connector Type :LC Wavelength(nm) :1310 Transfer Distance(m) :100000(9um) Digital Diagnostic Monitoring :YES Vendor Name :HUAWEI Vendor Part Number :02315208 Ordering Name : ------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacture information: Manu. Serial Number :210231520810E4000803 Manufacturing Date :2013-09-11 Vendor Name :HUAWEI ------------------------------------------------------------- Alarm information: RX loss of signal RX power low -------------------------------------------------------------

How to determine whether an optical module is identified by the switch or check the transmit power of an optical module
Run the display transceiver command on a switch. If the following information is displayed, the optical module can be identified by the switch. This command can also display the type, wavelength, transmission distance, and power of the optical module. NOTICE: The switch must have Huawei certified optical modules installed. Non-Huawei-certified optical modules cannot ensure transmission reliability and may affect service stability on the switch. Huawei is not responsible for any problem caused by non-Huawei-certified optical modules and will not fix such problems.

Specifications and types of DCM optical modules
DCM optical modules are classified into multiple types, which correspond to compensation distances of 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, 40 km, 60 km, 80 km, 100 km, 120 km, 160 km, 200 km, and 240 km.

Which type of optical module is used by the MCU optical port: single-mode or multi-mode optical module? How can I choose the optical module?
The MCU board supports only the SFP optical module. Set the IP address to the IP address of GE0 port. Whether an optical module is a single-mode or multi-mode optical module is determined by its optical module attribute settings. To use an optical module, set the attribute to optical port module. When an optical module connects to an optical port, the system automatically switches to the optical port module mode. By default, the multi-mode optical module is delivered with the product. The customer can choose a single-mode optical module if required during the order process. The optical module, like network cables, is not the default configuration; therefore, you need to purchase one. If you select the optical module, the multi-mode optical module will be delivered and charged by default.

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