Configure a stacked S series switch on the web page


S series switches in a stack can be configured on the web page.

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Clusters or stacks of S series switches
A stack or cluster of S series switches is a logical switch consisting of multiple stacking-capable or clustering-capable S series switches. In V200R001C00 and earlier versions, S series switches only set up stacks. In later versions, S series fixed switches set up stacks, and S series modular switches set up clusters. Please ask questions about specific switch models. The following information is possibly related to your question:

Configure a switch as a slave switch in a stack of S series fixed switches
When more than two S series fixed switches set up a stack, one member switch is elected as the master switch, and one as the standby switch. The rest member switches function as slave switches, which are also called cold standby switches. A member switch function as a cold standby switch only when the stack elects other two member switches as the master and standby switches. You can configure using one of the following methods: 1. (Recommended) If you can control the switch startup, start the two switches to make them function as the master and standby switches and then start the switches that function as slave switches. 2. Configure a lower priority for a switch to reduce the possibility that the switch is elected as the master or standby switch. 3. If a stack has been set up, you can restart the master or standby switch. After the switch restarts, it rejoins the stack as a slave switch.

Configure IPSG (for example, configure IP address and MAC address binding) for S series switches on the web page
For details on how to configure IPSG for S series switches (except the S1700) on the web page, see "IPSG Configuration" and "Static User Binding" in Web System Guide.

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