Does STP need to be enabled on a stack to connect the stack to a switch using two cables


Configure Eth-Trunk on a stack of S series switches after the stack is connected to a switch. STP is not required.

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Whether to enable STP if an AR router is used as a user access device
If an AR is used as a user access device (the WAN interface of the router is connected to the Internet, and the LAN interface is connected to an intranet), you are advised to disable STP to avoid network flapping due to STP convergence.

How many cables are required to connect two stacks
To ensure reliability and service bandwidth, you are advised to take the following precautions when connecting two stacks of S series fixed switches. 1. Two or more cables are required to perform link backup, ensuring system reliability. 2. You are advised to connect the stacks with an even number of cables. 3. More cables connected can provide higher link bandwidths for transmitting services between the stacks.

Can two S series switches set up a stack in stack card connection mode with only one cable
Two S series switches can set up a chain-topology stack in stack card connection mode with only one cable. However, the stack is not reliable. If a fault or exception occurs on the cable, the stack splits.

Stack cables supported by S series fixed switches
For details about stack cables supported by S series fixed switches, click Typical Configuration Examples and choose Typical Stack Configuration of Fixed Switches- Determining the Stack Connection Mode and Hardware and Software Requirements. This section describes whether each model and version of S series fixed switches supports stacking as well as stack modes, hardware and software requirements, typical networking, configuration steps, and also stack cables used to set up various stacks.

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