Can S series modular switches set up a cluster with non-Huawei devices


S series modular switches cannot create a cluster with non-Huawei devices.
For S series modular switches, only devices of the same series can create a cluster. For example, a cluster can be established between S7706 and S7712, S9706 and S9712, S12708 and S12712, and S9306 and S9312. However, switches of different series, for example, S7706 and S9706, cannot set up a cluster.

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Can S series modular switches of different versions establish a cluster
CSS technology provides an automatic software loading mechanism. Member switches do not have to run the same software version, and they can set up a CSS as long as the software versions running on the member switches are compatible with one another. If software version running on the standby switch is different from that on the master switch, the standby switch downloads the system software from the master switch, restarts with the new system software, and joins the CSS again.

Can S series switches interconnect with non-Huawei devices to set up a VRRP group
S600-E series switches do not support VRRP. VRRP supported by S series switches (S1700 excluded) comply with the standard protocol, so these switches can interconnect with other devices that comply with the VRRP standard protocol.

Can BFD on S series switches interwork with non-Huawei devices
BFD supported by S series switches (except S1700 switches) complies with the standard protocol, so they can interwork with other BFD-supported devices. Note that you need to configure the same intervals for sending and receiving BFD packets on the local and peer devices.

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