Can I log in to a backup switch or slave switch from its console port or management interface


In the versions earlier than V200R001, if you log in to a backup switch or slave switch from its console port or management, a message will be displayed, indicating that the current device is an interface card and no command can be used.
In V200R001 and later versions, you can log in to a backup or slave switch from the console port or management interface.

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S1720 overview
Introduction to S1720: The S1720 series switches are next-generation energy-saving gigabit Layer 2 Ethernet switches that support configuration of up to eight VLANIF interfaces. The series switches are equipped with console ports and can be managed and maintained using SNMP, command line interface (CLI), web-based network management system, Telnet, or Secure Shell (SSH) V2.0.

Can I log in to a switch that fails the DAD competition through its management network port
If a backup IP address has been configured for a switch that fails the DAD competition, you can log in to the switch through its management network port. If no backup IP address is configured, its management network port will be disabled. Configure a backup IP address for a switch as follows:
[~HUAWEI] interface meth 0/0/0
[~HUAWEI-MEth0/0/0] dual-active backup ip address 24 member all
[*HUAWEI-MEth0/0/0] commit

Failed to log in to the web interface of the management port.
If the BMC web interface is not displayed after you enter "http: //BMC IP address" in the address box, try "https: //BMC IP".

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