Do fixed switches support multi-language


The case-shaped switches do not support switching of CLI language. The CLI supports only English.

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Whether the AR router supports switching between languages
AR routers support only English. Therefore, the language switching is not supported.

PPPoE support on S series switch
PPPoE connects a user to the network through PPP dial-up. PPPoE support of S series switches: - None of the fixed switch versions supports PPPoE. - Modular switches do not support PPPoE when running a version earlier than V200R005. S7700, S9700, and S12700 series modular switches support PPPoE when running V200R005 or a later version. They can only function as the PPPoE server.

Link aggregation support on S series fixed switches
S series fixed switches (except the S1700) support the link aggregation function. For details about link aggregation support on the fixed switches, see the "Ethernet Switching - Link Aggregation" in the S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700 Product Use Precautions.

What is the overall power consumption of the VCT endpoint?
ViewPoint 9039: �� 150 W Other models: �� 100 W

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