How can I repair a storage device where an exception occurred


The dir command displays information about the specified file or directory on the device. If the command output contains unknown, for example, 30,000 KB total (672 KB free, 25,560 KB used, 3,616 KB unknown), run the fixdisk device-name command in the user view to release the unknown space.
Do not run the fixdisk device-name command when the system works properly.
If no file is displayed after you run the dir command, but the storage space is occupied, the following scenario may occur:
Deleted files are in the recycle bin. Run the dir /all command to display all files, including deleted files that are contained in square brackets []. To restore these deleted files, run the undelete command. To deleted the files in the recycle bin, run the reset recycle-bin command.

After you run the fixdisk device-name command, all the files and directories in the specified storage device will be deleted. Exercise caution when determining whether to run these commands because the files and directories cannot be restored after being deleted.
The fixdisk device-name command cannot rectify device-level faults.

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How can I find the videoconferencing device repair location?
To obtain the videoconferencing device repair location, dial 4008229999 to consult Huawei TAC engineers.

How do I repair video conference devices?
To return videoconferencing devices for repair, dial hotline 400-822-9999 to contact Huawei technical support engineers.

What can I do if a UI display exception occurs
Reload the endpoint software by following the instructions for local upgrades or upgrades from the web interface. If software reloading fails or the issue persists, reload the software again by following the instructions for upgrades using the Bootrom system. For details, please ask me How to Use the Bootrom System to Upgrade the ViewPoint 9000 Endpoint?

How can I repair a videoconferencing endpoint?
To repair a videoconferencing endpoint, dial 400-822-9999 to contact Huawei technical support.

Where can I repair a videoconferencing endpoint?
Dial 400-822-9999 and consult Huawei TAC engineers about the place where a videoconferencing endpoint can be repaired.

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