Does a user have the super user right after logging in from the console port


By default, a user that logs in to the switch from the console port has the super user right, which is the highest user right in the system.
If the user configures local authentication and sets a lower user level after logging in from the console port, the user only has the right of the lower user level. If no super user password is configured, the user can run the super command to switch to the super user. If the super user password is configured, the super command does not take effect.

Only V100R006C03, V100R006C05, V200R003 and V200R005, the device does not support the super command to upgrade the user level.

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Why does the system display a message indicating that there is no right when you configure user-interface vty or user-interface console
Users on the console port are at level 15. Only the user at level 15 can access the user console interface. Users on the VTY user interface at level 0. If the user level is upgraded to level 15 using the following command, the system displays a message indicating that the user level is too low. user-interface vty 0 4 authentication-mode aaa user privilege level 15 protocol inbound ssh Example: [huawei]user-interface vty 0 4 Error: The user level is too low.

Default user name and password of the console port on the USG6000
The default user name and password of the console port on the USG6000 are admin and Admin@123, respectively.

S1720 overview
Introduction to S1720: The S1720 series switches are next-generation energy-saving gigabit Layer 2 Ethernet switches that support configuration of up to eight VLANIF interfaces. The series switches are equipped with console ports and can be managed and maintained using SNMP, command line interface (CLI), web-based network management system, Telnet, or Secure Shell (SSH) V2.0.

What users does FusionInsight have?
FusionInsight supports human-machine users and machine-machine users. Passwords of human-machine users can be customized based on the password policy. Those of machine-machine users are randomly generated by the system. The two kinds of users can co-exist in a FusionInsight cluster.

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