Fan speed adjustment for S series fixed switch


S series fixed switches (except S1700 switches) use any of the following heat dissipation modes: forced heat dissipation, intelligent heat dissipation, and natural heat dissipation.
1. Natural heat dissipation applies when a switch does not have a built-in or external fan.
2. In intelligent mode, the fans start to operate only when the ambient temperature goes higher than a specified value.
3. In forced mode, fan modules keep working when the switch is running and automatically adjust the speed according to the switch temperature.

For fan-equipped switches that run V200R003C00 or a later version and use forced heat dissipation or intelligent heat dissipation, you can run the set fan speed-adjust threshold minus command to set the temperature threshold for fan speed adjustment. For switches using forced heat dissipation, the new threshold is the default temperature threshold minus threshold-value, and the temperature thresholds for increasing and decreasing fan speed are both reduced. For switches using intelligent heat dissipation, this command reduces the temperature thresholds for starting and stopping the fan.

Other related questions:
Adjusting the fan speed of the USG6000
To adjust the fan speed, run the test fan-speed fan-id fan-speed command in the diagnose view. This command involves two parameters. fan-id specifies the fan ID, which can be 0, 1, and 2. 0 and 1 specify the ID of the corresponding fan, and 2 indicates all fans. fan-speed specifies the fan speed, which is an integer ranging from 0 to 4 or 0 to 7, according to the model. A larger value indicates a faster fan speed. The maximum value indicates that the fan runs at the full speed.

Whether the speed of fans on an OSN 8800 can be adjusted
An OSN 8800 fan tray assembly can work in either of the following modes:
Auto Speed Mode: The fan tray assemblies automatically regulate fan speeds, depending on the subrack temperature.
Adjustable Speed Mode: You can manually adjust the fan speed.
The speed of the fans on an OSN 8800 is adjusted intelligently. The speed levels include high, medium, and low. The fan speed can be adjusted on the CLI. However, it is not recommended that the configurations be modified. The fan speed is intelligently adjusted by the software.

Method used to adjust the fan speed
In the NE Explorer, choose Configuration > Fan Attribute. In the right-hand pane, select Adjustable Speed in Fan Speed Mode. Then set Fan Speed Level as required. You are advised to select Auto Speed in Fan Speed Mode.

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