What are power supply alarms on S series switches


For S series switches (except the S1700), run the display alarm command to display the power supply alarm.
For S series modular switches, run the display alarm all command to check whether there are any power supply alarms. The common power supply alarms are as follows:
- If the alarm information contains "Power is invalid for not support", an incompatible power module is installed in the device.
- If PWR_LACK and SWITCH_STAT sensor alarms are generated on the same power module, the power module is installed but is not connected to any power cable or the power switch is not turned on.
- If only the PWR_FAULT alarm is generated, the power module may experience a fan failure, output overvoltage, external short circuit, output failure, or input failure.
For S series fixed switches (except the S1700), run the display trapbuffer command to check whether there are any power supply alarms. The common power supply alarms are as follows:
- SRM_1. hwEntityInvalid 67966 //The power supply is not powered on or the electrical label is not loaded.
SRM/1/POWERFAULT: OID [oid] Power is abnormal.( EntityPhysicalIndex=[INTEGER], BaseTrapSeverity=[INTEGER], BaseTrapProbableCause=[INTEGER], BaseTrapEventType=[INTEGER], EntPhysicalContainedIn=[INTEGER], EntPhysicalName=[OCTET], RelativeResource="[OCTET]", ReasonDescription="[OCTET]")
- ENTITYTRAP_1. hwPowerInvalid //The power module does not work properly.
Entitytrap/1/POWERINVALID(t):OID [oid] Power supply is unavailable for some reason.(Index=[INTEGER], EntityPhysicalIndex=[INTEGER], PhysicalName=\"[OCTET]\", EntityTrapFaultID=[INTEGER])�?For details about how to troubleshoot power supply failures, see " Troubleshooting - Preliminary" in the product documentation. The following uses the S9300 and Sx7 series fixed switches (except the S1700) as an example.
- For the S9300, see " Hardware Troubleshooting - A Power Module Does Not Work Normally" in S9300 Troubleshooting - Preliminary .
- For Sx7 series fixed switches, see " Hardware Troubleshooting - Power Supply Faults" in
S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700 Series Ethernet Switches Troubleshooting - Preliminary

Other related questions:
Whether power modules on S series switches are hot swappable
Power modules of S series switches are hot swappable. Install and remove power modules when the device is running normally and safely. 1:1 mentioned in the product documentation indicates power module backup, which means 1+1 backup. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query details.

AC and DC power supply on S series switches
You can check whether an S series switch supports AC or DC power supply based on the following guidelines: 1. Check the switch model. If the model contains AC, the switch supports AC power supply. If the model contains DC, the switch supports DC power supply. 2. Check the power module. Differentiate AC and DC switches based on the power module. Power modules are divided into non-PoE and PoE power modules. You can also use the Hardware Query Tool at Hardware Query Tool.

PoE power supply priority on an S series switch with insufficient power
For an S series with insufficient power, if the PoE power supply priority is not set, the switch first provides power for a device connected to an interface with a smaller interface number.

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