Does the S12700 support the AC power supply and DC power supply


AC and DC power modules cannot be installed simultaneously in the same type of power slots.

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Does the S7700&S9700 support the AC power supply and DC power supply
AC and DC power modules or power modules of different power values cannot be installed simultaneously in the same type of power slots (system or PoE). In versions earlier than V200R006C00, the PoE slots of a switch allow only AC power modules. To use the PoE function on a switch, use AC power modules as the system power modules. In V200R006C00 and later versions, the PoE slots allow both AC and DC power modules.

How to view information about power supplies on S series switches
For S series switches (except S1700), run the display power command to view the power supply status. [HUAWEI] display power PowerID Online Mode State Current(A) Voltage(V) RealPwr(W) PWR1 Present AC NotSupply - - - PWR2 Present AC Supply 0.82 53.40 43.79 PWR3 Present AC Supply 0.97 53.51 51.90 PWR4 Present AC Supply 0.95 53.51 50.83 The State field indicates the power supply status. If the State displays NotSupply, the power module does not supply power. Check whether the power supply is installed properly or whether the power switch is turned on. Besides, you can run the display power system command on S series modular switches to check the power of each card and available power of the system. Before installing a switch or expanding the system capacity, decide whether the power capacity needs to be expanded according to the power consumption of the switch. [HUAWEI] display power system The total power supplied : 800.00(W) The maximum power needed : 797.00(W) The remain power : 3.00(W) The system rated power detail information : ------------------------------------------------- Slot BoardName State Power(W) ------------------------------------------------- 2 LPU board Lack 61.00 12 LPU board On 64.00 14 MPU board On 105.00 CMU1 CMU board On 1.00 CMU2 CMU board On 1.00 FAN1 FAN board On 43.00 FAN2 FAN board On 43.00 PWR1 PWR board On 800.00 The meanings of some fields are as follows: - The total power supplied: indicates the total power of the system. - The maximum power needed: indicates the maximum power required by the system. - The remaining power: indicates the available power of the system. - Power (W): indicates the power of each card.

AC and DC power supply on S series switches
You can check whether an S series switch supports AC or DC power supply based on the following guidelines: 1. Check the switch model. If the model contains AC, the switch supports AC power supply. If the model contains DC, the switch supports DC power supply. 2. Check the power module. Differentiate AC and DC switches based on the power module. Power modules are divided into non-PoE and PoE power modules. You can also use the Hardware Query Tool at Hardware Query Tool.

What are Recommendations for the AC Power Supply
Recommendations on the AC power supply are as follows: Use a voltage stabilizer or voltage-regulator to respond to unstable voltages. Use a voltage-regulator in the following situations: The server is directly powered by the mains supply, and the power supply voltage exceeds the rated voltage by -10% to +5% or the voltage range allowed for the server. The server is not directly powered by the mains supply, and the mains voltage exceeds the rated voltage by -15% to +10% or the AC input voltage range allowed for the DC power equipment. To ensure the continuity of power supplies, use the UPS or inverter. Install an electric generator set for an office to ensure the normal communication and power load in case of mains failure. The capacity of the electric generator set should be greater than or equal to 1.5 to 2 times the capacity of the server with uninterrupted power. Connect two storage battery strings in parallel. If UPSs are used as storage batteries, only one UPS battery string is required in general. The UPSs need to work in backup mode and can be connected in parallel or serial. If an inverter is used, take the inverter that can provide more power as the primary one, and take the other as the secondary one.

Can the AC and DC power supply be used at the same time on the U1900?
No. The U1900 can use only one type of power supply.

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