How to use the ESD wrist strap


ESD measures are taken to prevent static charges from damaging the electronic components of the switches. In addition, pay attention to the following points:
-Always wear an ESD wrist strap when installing the components of switches, especially the circuit boards.
-Hold a circuit board by its edge and do not touch the components or printed circuits on the board.
The method of wearing an ESD wrist strap is as follows:
1 Fasten the wrist strap to ensure good contact between the ESD wrist strap and your skin.
2 Connect the ESD wrist strap to the ESD jack in the chassis of the switch or use a crocodile clip to clip the connector to the ground screw of the chassis.
3 Ensure that the ESD wrist strap is well grounded.

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What's ESD Protection Requirements for the proper running of the server
Static electricity may damage the chips on integrated circuit boards and cause faults in software and electronic switches. Statistics show that 60 percent of damaged circuit boards are caused by static electricity. Therefore, it is essential to take effective ESD protection measures. The absolute value of electrostatic voltage must be less than 1000 V.

What's the measure to meet ESD Protection Requirements
To meet ESD protection requirements, take the following measures: Popularize the importance of ESD prevention. Wear ESD shoes and ESD clothing before entering the TR. Use ESD tools such as ESD wrist straps, ESD tweezers, and extraction tools when operating on the server. Lay a raised floor in the TR. Ground all conducting materials in the TR, including computers, and set up ESD worktables. Keep non-ESD materials (such as common bags, foams, and rubbers) at least 30 centimeters away from ESD-sensitive components. Ground the server properly. Although laying the raised floor covered with semiconductive materials, use copper foil for grounding at a number of points on the floor (the copper foil should be placed between the concrete floor and the semiconductive floor and should be connected to a ground cable). Take dust prevention measures. Dust or other particles in the TR may cause poor connections between connectors or between metal connecting points. Maintain proper humidity. Too high humidity may make metal components rusty, while too low humidity may induce static electricity.

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