Why does a subcard fail to register on a switch


The possible causes are:
The switch does not support the subcard.
The subcard is not hot swappable and can register successfully only after the switch restarts.
The subcard is not in a good contact with the backplane.
The system version of the switch needs upgrading.
When this occurs, send the bar code of the subcard and switch version information to Huawei technical personnel so that Huawei can fix the problem quickly.

Other related questions:
Why does the STP convergence fail for a switch
The switch STP calculation, convergence, and damage are implemented using BPDUs. The BPDU processing capacity must be enabled for the port. Otherwise, the switch discards the BPDUs by default, making the STP convergence fail. NOTE: Globally run the bpdu enable command for the S2700 switch. Run the bpdu enable command on the port for other devices.

Why a PoE card fails to be registered on S series switches
The ES0D0G48VA00 card is the PoE card for the S12700 and S7700, and the LE0DG48VEA00 card is the PoE card for the S9300. Possible causes of a PoE card registration failure are as follows: No PoE power module is installed in the PoE power slot of the switch. The PoE power module is not powered on. The dual in-line memory module (DIMM) is faulty. For the handling methods, see "Fault Locating Guide - Card Registration Failure" in Huawei S Series Campus Switches Maintenance Guide.

What can I do if endpoints fail to register with the SMC2.0?
For the solution if endpoints fail to register with the SMC2.0: 1. Log in to Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website. 2. Search for SMC2.0. 3. Select the version number to obtain the product documentation. 4. View the section about how to add participants in the product documentation.

Why Phone Fails to Register with the Gateway
After a static IP address is manually assigned to a phone, the phone fails to register with the gateway. Both the account and password are correct. The network between the SIP server and phone is disconnected (because the VLAN or 802.1x setting is incorrect). On the login screen of an eSpace 79XX series phone, choose Apps > Advanced > Network > Network Access, and set 802.1x or VLAN parameters. If the network between the SIP server and phone is normal, but the SIP server address is in domain name format, the registration fails because the DNS server address is not set on the phone. Set the DNS server address correctly.

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