How to choose single-mode and multi-mode optical modules


Multi-mode optical modules are applicable to short-distance transmission, while single-mode optical modules are applicable to long-distance transmission. Single-mode optical modules will be widely used in future.
Some single-mode optical modules need optical attenuators, but some do not need. This depends on the transmit/receive power of the optical module and the transmission distance.
Multiple types of Huawei devices can use the same type of optical module. For details, see the product hardware description.

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Whether multi-mode optical modules can be interconnected with single-mode optical modules[whether?][multi-mode|multimode][optical module][interconnect][with?][single-mode]
You are not advised to interconnect optical modules that use different modes.

850 nm optical module on the LOA board
It is multi-mode.

Whether the 850 nm optical module on the LOA/LDX board is single-mode or multi-mode

Which type of optical module is used by the MCU optical port: single-mode or multi-mode optical module? How can I choose the optical module?
The MCU board supports only the SFP optical module. Set the IP address to the IP address of GE0 port. Whether an optical module is a single-mode or multi-mode optical module is determined by its optical module attribute settings. To use an optical module, set the attribute to optical port module. When an optical module connects to an optical port, the system automatically switches to the optical port module mode. By default, the multi-mode optical module is delivered with the product. The customer can choose a single-mode optical module if required during the order process. The optical module, like network cables, is not the default configuration; therefore, you need to purchase one. If you select the optical module, the multi-mode optical module will be delivered and charged by default.

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