Does the S5700 subcard support line-speed forwarding


All subcards on an S5700 switch support line-speed forwarding.

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Does the S5700 support LRM optical modules
The S5700SI supports long reach multimode (LRM) optical modules since V100R006C00SPC800. The S5700EI supports LRM optical modules since V100R006C01. The S5700-LI (10GE optical ports), S5710-C-LI (10GE optical ports), S5700-HI (10GE optical ports), S5710-EI (10GE optical ports), and S5720-EI (only 10GE optical ports on extended interface cards) support LRM optical modules.

Do 10GE front subcards of S5700 switches support GE/10GE auto-sensing
The 10GE front subcards of the S5700EI do not support GE/10G auto-sensing, and 10GE front subcards of the S5700HI and S5700SI support GE/10G auto-sensing.

Do S series switches support expedited forwarding
Expedited forwarding (EF) is supported by some low-end firewalls. After a Layer 2 interface card is installed on some low-end firewalls and EF is enabled, packets can be forwarded directly at Layer 2 without security processing. This function improves the forwarding rate of firewalls and is applicable to Layer 2 scenarios. S series switches have no security mechanisms as firewalls. All packets on switches are forwarded by searching the MAC address or routing table. Therefore, switches use the similar mechanism as EF, and no configuration is required.

Does TE60 support the E1 line
TE60 endpoints support the 4E1 line, but do not support the E1 line.

Does the TE60 support the E1 line?
The TE series endpoint supports the 4E1 line, but does not support the E1 line.

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