Are LPUs for different series of modular switches interchangeable


Most of the cards of different switches are not interchangeable. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query cards for specified models.

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LPU of S series switches
The LPUs are classified into E series Ethernet cards, F series Ethernet cards, S series Ethernet cards, B series Ethernet cards, and X series Ethernet cards. - The E series is the enhanced series that supports MPLS and extension of routing, ACL, and MAC address entries. The E series consists of EA, EC, ED, and EE LPUs. - The F series is the ordinary series that supports MPLS but not extension of MAC address entries. The F series consists of FA and FC LPUs. - The S series is the standard series that does not support extension of MAC address entries. The S series consists of SA and SC LPUs. MPLS is supported by the SC card, but not the SA card. - The B series is the large buffer series. - The X series is the agile series. The X series consists of X1E, X2E, X2S and X2H LPUs.

Is an LPU with fewer than 24 ports available on S series modular switches
On modular switches, only a 10GE LPU has fewer than 24 ports. 100M and GE LPUs have at least 24 ports. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query the specification of each module on S series switches.

Can S series modular switches of different versions establish a cluster
CSS technology provides an automatic software loading mechanism. Member switches do not have to run the same software version, and they can set up a CSS as long as the software versions running on the member switches are compatible with one another. If software version running on the standby switch is different from that on the master switch, the standby switch downloads the system software from the master switch, restarts with the new system software, and joins the CSS again.

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