Status of MPUs on S series switches


You can run the display device command on an S series switch to check the running status of a card.

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Work mode of active and standby MPUs on S series switches
MPU is a mandatory card for switches. Each switch must be configured with one or two MPUs. When only one MPU is configured for a switch, the MPU can be installed in either MPU slot of the switch. When two MPUs are configured, they work in hot standby mode to improve system reliability. The two MPUs monitor each other. If the active MPU fails, the standby MPU changes to active state to ensure non-stop services.

MPU types on S series modular switches
Different S series switches have different MPUs: S9303: LE0MMCUA and LE0DMCUA S9306&S9312: LE0MSRUA, LE0DSRUA, LE0D00SRUB00, LE1D2SRUE000, and LE1D2SRUH000 S9310: LE1D2SRUKC00 S7703: ES0D00MCUA00 and ES1D2MCUAC00 S7706&S7712: ES0D00SRUA00, ES1D2SRUAC00, ES0D00SRUB00, ES1D2SRUE000, and ES1D2SRUH000 S9703: EH1D2MCUAC00 S9706&S9712: EH1D2SRUDC00, EH1D2SRUC000, and EH1D2SRUDC01 S12704&S12708&S12712: ET1D2MPUA000 S12710: ET1D2MPUBC00

Can services be run on ports of the MPU on S series switches
Ports on the MPU cannot be used as service ports.

Usage of CLK ports on the MPU of S series switches
The CLK1 and CLK2 ports on the MPU correspond to the BITS0 and BITS1 ports on the clock card. BITS ports are connected to BITS devices or connected to BITS ports of other products to synchronize the time and clock.

Enable and disable PoE on an S series switch
Enable or disable the PoE function on S series switches:

1. By default, the PoE function is enabled on an interface
2. Enable or disable PoE power supply.
[HUAWEI]interface gigabitethernet 1/0/0
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/0]undo poe enable  //Disable PoE power supply.
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/0]poe enable       //Enable PoE power supply.

The downlink electrical interfaces of PoE switches support PoE power supply, with up to 30 W power on each interface. The maximum power supply distance is 100 m.
Only ES0D0G48VA00 (S7700)/LE0DG48VEA00 (S9300) cards of modular switches (S7700/S9700/S9300/S12700) support PoE power supply.

If the switch connects to 48 V standard PoE powered devices but cannot negotiate power supply capabilities with the devices, you can run poe force-power on the interfaces to forcibly power on the devices.

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