Can cards of the S9300 be used universally


The S9310 does not support LE0MG24CA and LE0MG24CA cards, and other LPUs of the S9300 can be used universally.
MPUs of the S9300 cannot be used universally.
- MPUs of the S9303: LE0MMCUA and LE0DMCUA
- MPUs of the S9306 and S9312: LE0MSRUA, LE0DSRUA, LE0D00SRUB00, and LE1D2SRUH000
- MPU of the S9310: LE1D2SRUKC00

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MPU types on S series modular switches
Different S series switches have different MPUs: S9303: LE0MMCUA and LE0DMCUA S9306&S9312: LE0MSRUA, LE0DSRUA, LE0D00SRUB00, LE1D2SRUE000, and LE1D2SRUH000 S9310: LE1D2SRUKC00 S7703: ES0D00MCUA00 and ES1D2MCUAC00 S7706&S7712: ES0D00SRUA00, ES1D2SRUAC00, ES0D00SRUB00, ES1D2SRUE000, and ES1D2SRUH000 S9703: EH1D2MCUAC00 S9706&S9712: EH1D2SRUDC00, EH1D2SRUC000, and EH1D2SRUDC01 S12704&S12708&S12712: ET1D2MPUA000 S12710: ET1D2MPUBC00

Can an S series switches be used without a license
Basic functions of S series (except the S1700) and E series switches can be used without a license. Some features cannot be used without a license, such as SVF and traffic distribution. To use these features, apply for licenses for them.

How are VRRP packets of an S series switch sent in a super-VLAN
For S series switches (except the S1700), you are not advised to create a VRRP group on the corresponding VLANIF interface for a super-VLAN. If such a VRRP group has been created, the total number of VLANs (including common VLANs, super-VLANs, and sub-VLANs) in the VRRP group cannot exceed 256 to minimize impact on host performance. By default, if a VRRP group is configured for a super-VLAN, the master switch sends VRRP Advertisement packets to the super-VLAN's sub-VLAN that is in Up state and has the smallest VLAN ID among all the sub-VLANs. You can run a related command to configure VRRP Advertisement packets to be sent in a specified sub-VLAN. This prevents VRRP Advertisement packets from being broadcast in all sub-VLANs, reducing network bandwidth consumption. The configuration procedure is as follows: 1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view. 2. Run the interface vlanif vlan-id command to enter the VLANIF interface view. 3. Run the vrrp advertise send-mode { sub-vlan-id | all } command to configure a mode in which the master switch sends VRRP Advertisement packets in a super-VLAN. - sub-vlan-id: specifies the ID of a sub-VLAN where the master switch sends VRRP Advertisement packets. - all: indicates that the master switch sends VRRP Advertisement packets to all sub-VLANs in a super-VLAN. Note: The parameter all is not recommended. If all is configured, a super-VLAN broadcasts a VRRP Advertisement packet to all its sub-VLANs, which increases bandwidth usage.

Whether universal line boards can be used in slave subracks
No. Universal line boards can be used only in independent subracks, but not in the master or slave subracks.

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