Adaptation problem of cards on S series switches


Most of the cards of different switch models are not interchangeable. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query card models supported by specified switches.

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Slot problem of LPUs on S series switches
LPUs of S series switches can be installed in any LPU slots. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query specified slots of modular switches.

Specifications of cards on S series switches
For specifications of subcards and cards on S series switches, refer to Cards in the corresponding hardware description manual. For S5700 hardware description, click S5700 Hardware Description. For S6700 hardware description, click S6700 Hardware Description. For S9300&S9300E hardware description, click S9300&S9300E Hardware Description. For S7700 hardware description, click S7700 Hardware Description. For S9700 hardware description, click S9700 Hardware Description. For S12700 hardware description, click S12700 Hardware Description.

S series switches problem with VLSM
S series switches (except S1700) support VLSM to divide subnet, support 31-bit mask

S series switches routing protocol priority problem
default: - Direct�? - OSPF�?0 - IS-IS�?5 - Static�?0 - RIP�?00 - OSPF ASE�?50 - OSPF NSSA�?50 - IBGP�?55 - EBGP�?55

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