What are the rights of a web management account


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What rights does a web management account have?


The web management account is an AAA local user using HTTP. HTTP users at level 3 or a higher level can manage devices through the web, users at a lower level can only browse the web interface.

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How to manage desktop accounts
Desktop accounts include FusionCompute, FusionAccess, and FusionManager accounts. For details about the accounts for these three systems, see the product documentation specific to each system. Account management focuses on passwords. Change passwords every three months to ensure account security.

Management of desktop accounts
For details about desktop accounts and passwords, see the "FusionAccess Account Overview" section in FusionCloud Standard Desktop System Management Guide. To download this document, access and choose Support > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionAccess.

Rights-based management supported by the OceanStor ReplicationDirector
The OceanStor ReplicationDirector (mainstream version: V100R003C10) supports rights-based management. It provides detailed definitions of disaster recovery rights. Different disaster recovery operation rights can be allocated to different users, ensuring efficient disaster recovery security.

Does the SMC1.0 supports rights-based user management?
User accounts can be added on the SMC1.0, and assigned different rights.

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