How to download the WEB packet?


please login the to download the correct files.

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How to download the terminal simulation software on an AR router
The iPOP or SecureCRT is used when the console port or MiniUSB port is used for login. You can search for the software at the website and install the software according to the software user guide or online help.

Method of downloading the web package of a WLAN device
Method of downloading the web package of a WLAN device: To obtain the web file, log in to Huawei's support website (, download the corresponding web file according to the product model and version. The file name is in the format of "product name+software version.web file". The web file of the WLAN device is also integrated into the system software package and does not need to be loaded separately. You can directly run the HTTP service. By default, the device loads the web file included in the system software package.

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