Operating system of S series switches


S series switches are the Ethernet switches developed on Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP). They can be deployed as core, aggregation, and access devices, meeting flexible networking requirements.

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Operating principles of S series switches
1. A switch generates a mapping between the source MAC address of a received data frame and the receiving interface, and adds the mapping to the MAC address table. 2. The switch searches for the destination MAC address of the frame in the MAC table to determine through which port to forward this frame. 3. If the destination MAC address is not found in the MAC address table, the switch forwards the frame to all its interfaces except the interface that receives the frame. The process is called flooding. The broadcast and multicast frames are forwarded to all the interfaces.

Checking historical operation records on an S series switch
By default, an S series switch (except the S1700) saves a maximum of 10 historical commands for each user. You can run the history-command max-size size-value command in the user interface view to reset the number of historical commands that can be saved. The maximum number is 256. You can also run the display history-command [ all-users ] command in any view to check historical commands stored on a switch. Note: If all-users is not specified in this command, the historical commands entered by the current user are displayed. If all-users is specified in this command, the historical commands entered by all users are displayed. (Only users at level 3 or a higher level can specify this parameter in this command.)

The difference of files .cc and .bin on S series switch system
The difference of files .cc and .bin on S series switch system? S switch .cc is the system software, .bin is the bootrom version. The current new version of the upgrade usually only need to upgrade .cc file, bootrom will automatically update. (As to whether you need to upgrade the bootrom first please refer to the specific version of the upgrade guide) Other product system files also have .bin at the end (such as usg firewall).

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