What impact of a high altitude has on S series switches


Normal operations of S series switches have requirements for the altitude. An increasing altitude will affect the working temperature range of some switches.
You can use Enterprise Network Product Hardware Query Tool to query the operating altitude and temperature of a switch. Click a switch model under Chassis in the query result, and view specifications of this switch.

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How to determine whether the memory usage of an S series switch is high
For S series switches (except the S1700), the memory usage of a switch is within the normal range when the following conditions are met: - The memory usage does not exceed 80%. - The memory usage does not keep increasing or fluctuate. - No high memory usage alarm is generated.

For S series switches, what is the impact of excessive ARP Replies on the CPU
For S series switches: If excessive ARP Reply packets are sent to the CPU, the CPU may be overloaded. Run the display cpu-defend configuration packet-type arp-reply all or the display cpu-defend statistics packet-type arp-reply all command to check whether excessive ARP Reply packets are sent to the CPU. In the display cpu-defend statistics packet-type arp-reply all command output. if the value of the Drop (Bytes) field is large, excessive ARP Reply packets are sent to the CPU. In this case, adjust the CPCAR value for the ARP Reply packet. When an attack occurs, determine the attack source. You can use the packet obtaining function or enable debugging to check the attack source and configure the blacklist to reject the attack source. Note: Improper CPCAR settings may affect services on your network. It is recommended that you contact Huawei engineers before adjusting the CPCAR settings.

Impact of DHCP snooping on other data packets on S series switch
For S series switches (except S1700 switches), the DHCP snooping function ensures that DHCP clients obtain IP addresses from authorized DHCP servers and records mappings between IP addresses and MAC addresses of DHCP clients, preventing DHCP attacks on the network. When DHCP attacks occur, a switch configured with DHCP Snooping discards attack packets while forwarding valid packets.

How to define the S-series switch has mirrored successfully
For S series switches, there are usually two ways to determine whether a mirror is successful: - Run command display interface brief to check whether the port usage is significantly increased. - View the monitoring device which connect to observing-port , whether the capture-packet software capture package successfully(commonly used wireshark).

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