Does S Switch support Vlan aggregation?


Super VLAN is called VLAN aggregation also�?All the S chassis Switch can support VLAN aggregation�?S2700SI、S2710SI、S2720EI、S2750、S5700LI、S5700S-LI、S5710LI can not support Vlan aggregation,other box can support.

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Introduction to Native Vlan
Introduction to Native VLAN: Native VLAN is equivalent to the default VLAN of interfaces. When receiving an untagged packet, the interface adds a Native VLAN tag to the packet. When sending a Native tag VLAN packet, the interface removes the tag. The default VLAN is called PVID VLAN for Huawei switches and Native VLAN for switches of other vendors.

What is the maximum number of VLANs supported on S series switches
Hi, I cannot answer this question. For details about product specifications, please dial 4008229999 to consult Huawei technical support.

Does ARP attack in one VLAN affect other VLANs on S series switch
On an S series switch, except S1700, when a VLAN suffers an ARP attack, such as ARP flood or ARP spoofing attack, the gateway cannot correctly learn ARP entries, causing a forwarding error. Packet forwarding in other VALNs is also affected. For example, when an ARP flood attack occurs in VLAN 10 (the gateway receives many ARP packets causing a high CPU usage), user services in other VLANs are affected.

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