Why the Fan Module Indicator is blinking green faster than usual?


The fan is working properly but not communicating with the MPU normally.

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Whether it is normal that the fan status indicator of the USG6660 blinks green every two seconds
If the FAN STATUS indicator is blinking green every two seconds (0.5 Hz), the new fan module works properly.

Meaning of colors of interface indicators on the S1700
For details about the meaning of each color of the indicators on the S1700, click S1700 Products Description and choose Hardware Structure > Indicator.

Why the Fan Module Indicator is blinking red ?
An alarm has been generated and needs to be handled. Possible causes of the alarm include errors of dual in-line package (DIP) switches, short-circuit, fan blades blocked, and fault of the fan module.

Why is the indicator of a fan module steady red or blinking red on CE switches
Possible Causes 1. The fan module is not installed properly in the fan slot. 2. Fan blades are blocked or stop rotating because of heavy dust. 3. The fan module is faulty. Troubleshooting Procedure 1. Pull out the fan module and reinstall it to ensure that it is securely installed in the slot. (Fan modules are hot swappable.) 2. Remove the fan module from the chassis and check whether the fan blades are blocked or whether there is too much dust on the fan blades. a. If fan blades are blocked by an obstacle, remove the obstacle. b. If the fan blades have heavy dust, use a brush to clean them. 3. If the problem persists, install another fan module of the same model into the fan slot. If the new fan module can work properly, the original fan module has failed and needs to be replaced.

Server red indicator on
If a server indicator is red, an alarm occurred. For details about the meanings of indicators of a specific server model, type the question in the format of "Product model + Indicator name + Status", for example, "RH2288 V3 HLY Blinking red."

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