How to recover the BootROM Password?


run the reset boot password command to restore to the default password.

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How do I restore factory settings
Procedure 1. Run the reset saved-configuration command to clear the configuration file for the next startup and delete the configuration file used in the next startup. 2. Run the reboot fast command to restart the system.

BootROM access on S series switch
For S series switches except S1700 switches, perform the following steps to access the BootROM: 1. Log in to the device through the console port. 2. Restart the device. When information similar to "Press Ctrl+B to enter boot menu" or "Press Ctrl+B or Ctrl+E" to enter BootROM menu" is displayed, press Ctrl+B or Ctrl+E within 3 seconds. 3. Enter the BootROM password to access the BootROM main menu. By default: For fixed switches running a version earlier than V100R006C03, the default BootROM password is huawei; for fixed switches running V100R006C03 or a later version, the default BootROM password is For modular switches running V100R006C00 or an earlier version, the default BootROM password is 9300; for modular switches running a version later than V100R006C00, the default BootROM password is

How to recover the default BIOS password on CE series switches
By default, the BIOS password of CE series switches is
In V100R003 and later versions, if you forget the BIOS password, log in to the switch through the console port or using STelnet/Telnet, and run the reset boot password command in the user view to recover the default BIOS password.
<HUAWEI> reset boot password
Warning: The password used to enter the boot menu by clicking Ctrl+B will be restored to the default password, continue? [Y/N]: y
Info: Succeeded in setting password of BIOS to the default password.

Method used to recover an HBase table
For details about how to recover HBase data, see "Administrator Guide > System > Backup and Recovery Management > Recovering Data > Recovering HBase Data" in the FusionInsight HD V100R002C80SPC200 Product Documentation.

How do I upload and release videos on the RSE6500?
For details about how to upload and release videos on the RSE6500, see related sections in the HUAWEI RSE6500 V500R002C00 Administrator Guide. The procedure is as follows: 1. On the RSE6500 home page, the Live page, or the Program page, click Upload Video in the upper right corner of the page. The Upload Video page is displayed. 2. Upload a video feed and its cover. a. Click Upload Video and then Browse to select the video feed to be uploaded. A video compressed in ZIP format is supported. b. Click Upload Cover and then Browse to select a cover picture to be uploaded. 3. Enter the video information. 4. Click Release. The video feed is displayed in the VoD list on the RSE6500 home page.

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