How to configure a member as a master switch?


The master election timeout interval is 20s. If you want a specific switch to act as the master switch, power on this switch first, and wait 20s before powering on the other switches

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How do I configure fast leave of a member port on an S series switch
The prompt leave function enables the switch to delete the multicast forwarding entry of a multicast group from an interface immediately after the interface receives an IGMP Leave message for the group. This function saves bandwidth and system resources because the switch does not need to wait until the aging timer of the interface expires. For S series switches excluding the S1700, to enable fast leave of a member port in VLAN 10, perform the following configurations: [HUAWEI] igmp-snooping enable //Enable IGMP snooping globally. [HUAWEI] vlan 10 [HUAWEI-vlan10] igmp-snooping enable //Enable IGMP snooping in VLAN 10. [HUAWEI-vlan10] igmp-snooping prompt-leave //Enable fast leave of a member port in VLAN 10.

Master or Slave subracks of OSN9800
OSN 9800 does not support optical-layer slave subracks.

Consult the synchronization mechanism of U1900 master and standby node configuration?
The synchronization mechanism of U1900 dual master and standby node configuration is as follows: The master node will synchronize configuraton with the standby node, but standby node will not synchronize with master node before completing taking over the business data. when node switchover, the master node will continue to synchronize the data which will cover the original data in standby one. In order to avoid the loss of newly generated data on the standby node during switchover,please export standby node data before doing manual switch over.After that, import the data into the main node.

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