How to add a new member to a stack?


Configure on the new switch the stack id (mandatory), the stack priority (optional) and then connect the switch to the stack.

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How to add a stack member CE switch
To add a member switch to a stack, perform the following operations: 1. Upgrade the software version of the switch to the current stack system version to prevent multiple restarts resulted from version synchronization and speed up stack setup. 2. Complete the stack configuration of the switch, save the configuration, and then power off the switch. 3. Connect the switch to the stack using stack cables. 4. Power on the switch to enable it to join the stack without affecting the stack.

How do I add a member rule on the SC?
To add a member rule on the SC, perform the following operations: 1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view. 2. Run the membership-rule command to enter the membership-rule view. 3. Run the add name name [description description] priority priority regzoneid regzonid [enable enable] rule-type ruletype {[pattern-type pattern-type pattern-str pattern-str] | [begin-ip begin-ip end-ip end-ip]} command to add a member rule. For details, see the HUAWEI SMC2.0 V500R002C00 SC Command Reference Guide.

Methods used to expand the storage capacity of a VM
You can expand a VM's storage capacity as follows: 1. If the storage resources of the FusionCloud desktop system are insufficient, you can add new storage devices and migrate some VM disks to them. For details, refer to the product documentation. Alternatively, you can delete VMs that are not in use to release their storage space. 2. If a single VM's storage space is insufficient, you can add a new hard disk to it.

How Do I Add Member Interfaces to an Eth-Trunk?
Before adding a new member interface, ensure that the type of the new member interface is the same as that of other member interfaces and there is no configuration on the new member interface. Run the shutdown command in the interface view to configure the new member interface in Down state. If the new member interface that joins the Eth-Trunk is not configured to be Down, a temporary loop may occur. As a result, services are affected. Run either of the following commands to add the new member interface to the Eth-Trunk. Run the eth-trunk trunk-id command in the interface view. Run the trunkport interface-type { interface-number1 [ to interface-number2 ] } &<1-8> command in the Eth-Trunk interface view. After member interfaces at both ends join the Eth-Trunk, run the undo shutdown command in the interface view to enable the new member interfaces.

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