How can I see the static DNS table?


The display ip host command displays the static DNS table.
After running the ip host command to configure static DNS entries, you can run this command to check whether mappings between host names and IP addresses are correct.

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How can I see memory usage threshold alarm?
The display memory-usage threshold command displays the memory usage threshold on the device. You can view the memory usage alarm threshold to learn about the conditions for triggering alarms

How can I see details about a transceiver?
The display transceiver verbose command displays detailed information about the optical module on an interface, including the general information, manufacture information, alarm information, and diagnostic information. The display transceiver diagnosis interface command displays the diagnosis parameters of an optical transceiver.

How can I see if the clock is synchronized?
The display ntp-service status command displays the status of NTP. Based on the displayed status of the NTP service, you can know the synchronization status and stratum of the local system clock.

How can I see if my device support POE?
The display poe device command displays information about the device supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE). Before using the PoE function, run the display poe device command to check whether the device supports the PoE function. If the command output is displayed, the device supports the PoE function.

How can I see the SNMP version used?
The display snmp-agent sys-info version command displays the SNMP version running in the current system.

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