How can I restart a stack member?


The reset slot command resets a specified device.
In a stack, you can restart stack members. Restarting a stack member will interrupt services on the stack member.

Other related questions:
How to restart a member CE switch in a stack
-In a stack of CE12800s, run the reset chassis chassis-id command in the user view to restart the specified member switch.
-In a stack of CE8800&7800&6800&5800s, run the reset slot slot-id command in the user view to restart the specified member switch.
Before restarting a member switch, save the stack configuration to ensure that the restarted switch can join the stack normally.

How can I restart the MCU?
You can restart the MCU in CLI mode. The steps are as follows: 1. Run the reboot command to restart the device. 2. Run the reboot Board number command to restart a specified board.

How can I disable the restart at midnight function for an MCU?
The restart at midnight function is a protection means for the MCU. If no conference is held on the MCU, the MCU will automatically restart at midnight every day to release MCU resources and processes so that it can properly work. Generally, you are not advised to disable the function. To disable the function, run the following commands: system-view enable-reboot-midnight 0:disable,1:enable

How can I restart an IPC?
An IPC can be restarted in either of the following ways: Hold down the RESET button on the IPC for less than 3s. Restart the IPC on the IPC web page. For details, see the Online Help of the required IPC model.

How do I restart the IAD
You can restart the IAD in either of the following ways: Log in to the web management system, and choose System Tool > Maintenance > Restart Device. On the page that is displayed, click Restart Device. Log in to the CLI, and run the enable and configure terminal commands in sequence to enter the global configuration mode. Then run the reboot command. NOTE: IAD101H/102H/104H supports only the CLI mode.

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