How can set a threshold alarm for CPU?


Using the cpu-usage threshold command, you can set the alarm threshold and alarm recovery threshold of CPU usage.
Using the undo cpu-usage threshold command, you can restore the alarm threshold and alarm recovery threshold of CPU usage.
By default, the alarm threshold of CPU usage is 95% and alarm recovery threshold is 80%.

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Where can I set the alarm threshold on the SMC2.0?
Under System > Settings > NLogV2 on the SMC2.0 web interface, you can set the alarm thresholds for configuration items, including the packet loss rate for video sending/receiving, audio sending/receiving, or presentation sending/receiving.

Method used to set the threshold for the MAC_FCS_EXC alarm
The procedure for setting the MAC_FCS_EXC threshold is as follows: In the NE Explorer, select a board that supports the MAC_FCS_EXC alarm, and choose Configuration > Interface Management > Ethernet Interface from the navigation tree. On the Advanced Attributes tab, you can set EXC Threshold for Packet Loss at Port.

How can I set a temperature threshold?
The temperature threshold command sets the temperature alarm thresholds. The undo temperature threshold command restores the default temperature alarm thresholds. By default, the lower temperature threshold is 0°C, and the upper temperature threshold varies according to hardware of various models, ranging from 50°C to 70°C.

How can I see memory usage threshold alarm?
The display memory-usage threshold command displays the memory usage threshold on the device. You can view the memory usage alarm threshold to learn about the conditions for triggering alarms

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