What ERPS represent


ERPS is a protocol defined by the International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) to eliminate loops at Layer 2. Because the standard number is ITU-T G.8032/Y1344, ERPS is also called G.8032. ERPS defines Ring Auto Protection Switching (RAPS) Protocol Data Units (PDUs) and protection switching mechanisms

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What VBST represent
VBST, a Huawei spanning tree protocol, constructs a spanning tree in each VLAN so that traffic from different VLANs is forwarded through different spanning trees. VBST is equivalent to STP or RSTP running in each VLAN. Spanning trees in different VLANs are independent of each other

What a mVLAN represent
Management VLAN (mVLAN) configuration allows users to use the VLANIF interface of the mVLAN to log in to the management switch to manage devices in a centralized manner

What SVF represent
Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) technology virtualizes aggregation and access devices into one logical device and allows aggregation devices to manage and configure access devices. SVF effectively simplifies management and configuration of access devices.

What LPU represents?
The Line Processing Unit (LPU) provides the physical interfaces to the outside world (Ethernet/POS) and connects to the Switch Fabric Unit (SFU).

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